About us

Dogpatch Labs is a pay to play co-working space for scaling technology startups. It is located in the heart of the Dublin Docklands in the iconic CHQ Building.

Throughout its history Dogpatch Labs has been home to many of Ireland’s fastest growing technology companies including; Logentries, Boxever, Profitero, Intercom and CoderDojo.

Whether you’re a seed-funded tech startup, an international technology company setting up operations in Europe for the first time, or an individual who wants to hotdesk in a Dublin Docklands location, our space has a solution for you.

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What they say

Trevor Parsons

“The caliber of @dogpatchlabs residents is fantastic and it’s such a massive value add to be surrounded by the best in engineering, mobile and UI/UX”.

Trevor Parsons, Founder & CEO of Logentries.

James Whelton

“At the very beginning @dogpatchlabs took me in and was basecamp for all my endeavors, trials and tribulations. The special environment became home and the other startups became family and over 12 months helped bring CoderDojo to what it is today”.

James Whelton, Founder of CoderDojo.

Eoghan McCabe

“@dogpatchlabs played a crucial part in helping the Dublin team get Intercom off the ground”.

Eoghan McCabe, Founder & CEO of Intercom.

Paul Quigley

“@dogpatchlabs gives us two critical things: a home in a fantastic space in Dublin's dockland tech hub, and a community of advisors, including industry leaders, experienced VCs, angels, and other startups. As a bonus, we get good coffee, good company, and great burritos”.

Paul Quigley, Co-Founder & CEO of NewsWhip.

Stephen O'Reagan

“@dogpatchlabs opened a lot of doors for us and we made amazing progress right out of the door on all fronts, especially in terms of investor connections and Industry contacts. Happy and proud to be called a ‘Dogpatcher’”.

Stephen O'Reagan, Founder & CEO of BalconyTV.

Matthew Bellows

“Being an @dogpatchlabs company has an amazing effect with investors and immediately elevates their perception of you and your business”.

Matthew Bellow, CEO & Founder of Yesware.

Raj Aggarwal

“@dogpatchlabs brings together some of the most exciting startups around, and along with them, some of the smartest folks in the startup space”.

Raj Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of Localytics.

Pat Kinsel

“The @dogpatchlabs community was instrumental to Spindle thinking through vision, strategy and articulating our proposition”.

Pat Kinsel, Founder & CEO of Spindle.

Joe Essenfeld

“Whether its help with networking, recruiting or evolving your business model - @dogpatchlabs is an invaluable resource.”

Joe Essenfeld, CEO of Jibe.

Dan Burkhart

“@dogpatchlabs blends the best of expertise and connectionns. It’s been integral to our company-building”.

Dan Burkhart, CEO of Recurly.

Perks of Working with Us

Invaluable Directory of Alumni
Fully Synchronous Fibre Power Broadband
Collaborative Community of Like-Minded Individuals
Multitude of Cafes/Restaurants within CHQ
Access to V.C.s
Break-out Space/Chill-out Zone
Conference/Meeting Rooms
World Class Event Space


With Special Thanks To

Architectural Designers
The CHQ Building
J.J. Rhatigan & Company
RKD Architects