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A curated week-long schedule of events for leaders right across the startup ecosystem, Diversity in Tech Week is part of Dogpatch Labs’ aim to foster a tech ecosystem where people of all backgrounds feel welcome and included.

Diversity & Inclusion Award

In 2018 Google for Startups launched the ‘Diversity & Inclusion Award’ to honour a partner hub whose D&I initiative has made “significant impact to advance and support under-represented founders” which be scaled across the global network.


Dogpatch Labs was selected for this award in recognition of Diversity in Tech Week 2018. As part of this award, we received sponsorship to develop the Inclusive Hubs Playbook to share key learnings about D&I best-practice and resources for running diversity programmes.

DITW Roadshow 2020

This year, rather than host another full week of events in the capital, we have decided to take Diversity in Tech Week on the road to four of Ireland’s leading startup hubs – Republic of Work; Ormeau Baths; Ludgate Hub and Portershed.


This initiative will help us to share best practice and learnings across the four provinces of Ireland, making the whole of Ireland a more inclusive place for entrepreneurs.

International Women's Day @First Fridays

First Fridays for Startups is a day-long event that connects early-stage entrepreneurs with industry experts and founders for a day of 1-on-1 mentoring, lightning talks and keynote talks. Our March edition will have an all-female speaker and mentor line-up, showcasing the incredible female entrepreneurs in our ecosystem.


Dogpatch Labs | Postponed until further notice

Events Schedule

Baselining D&I in a Startup Hub

At this hands-on workshop team members from Ludgate Hub and Dogpatch Labs will come together to explore how a hub can operationalise diversity and inclusion best practices. Dogpatch Labs will use the Inclusive Hubs Scorecard they developed as part of the Inclusive Hubs Playbook, to help hubs benchmark themselves and consider the breadth of D&I as it applies to startup hubs.


*Open to Ludgate team members only.


Lugdate | Postponed until further notice

The ABC’s of LGBT

‘Inclusion through education’ specialist Shoutout will lead a workshop to enhance our understanding of LGBTQ+ experiences and understand how small things can make a big difference for LGBTQ+ members. This is great opportunity for those unfamiliar with theories on gender and sexuality or LGBT terminologies to ask questions in an open and respectful environment.


*Open to Ormeau Bath community members only. 



Ormeau Baths | Postponed until further notice

Intro to Inclusive Design

We are bringing designers and meetup organisers from Galway’s grassroots tech community together to share knowledge on how to design inclusive experiences. Attendees will come away with greater insight into inclusivity, and come away with an ‘inclusive events toolkit’ for their meetup community.


Portershed | Postponed until further notice



Allyship in Tech | Empowering an Inclusive Culture

An intimate, carefully curated evening event where 100 leaders and change agents will engage in dialogue based workshops focusing on the practicalities of becoming an effective “Ally” to accelerate a culture of inclusion in their workplace.


Republic of Work | Postponed until further notice


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