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First Fridays for Startups

Powered by Google For Entrepreneurs

Friday September 7th

First Fridays for Startups is a platform where members of the startup ecosystem can come together on a regular basis, enabling them to learn, connect and grow, powered by Google For Entrepreneurs.

Keynote | 13.45 - 14.45

Learn from leaders in tech on everything from How to Fundraise to Exponential Thinking and more. Previous speakers include a range of Irish Series A+ founders like Brett Meyers (CurrencyFair), Peter Coppinger (, Nora Khaldi (Nuritas) and Linda Green-Kiely (Voxpro).

Mentoring | 10.00 - 12.00

1-on-1 mentoring in the format of 25-minute slots with a variety of curated mentors ranging from Google experts to founders to investors and more. Topics include everything from Marketing Operations to International Expansion to Go-To-Market Strategy and more.

Lightning Talks | 12.30 - 13.30

Hear a range of perspectives on a technical topic at our fast-paced Lightning Talks. Previous topics include Cap Table Management, Market Entry & Exploring Funding Options to name a few, with speakers from Intercom, Jobbio, Deliveroo, & more.

Networking | 10.00 - 12.30

Looking for partners, feedback on your idea, or simply talk to someone who already went through the same problems?

Connect with fellow founders and tech professionals, coffee and snacks included!

Office Hours with Paddy | 10 - 12

Want to sit down with the founder & CEO of Dogpatch Labs? Looking for feedback on an idea or simply talk with a seasoned founder? 

Signup for office hours to meet with Patrick Walsh.


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Hot Desk for the Day at Dogpatch Labs

We would like to invite you to come hot desk for a day at Dogpatch Labs on First Fridays for Startups.

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Other Events On The Day

There are some other great events happening across the ecosystem on Friday as well!


First Friday Brekkie continues hosting a morning of inspiration and great networking for entrepreneurs, just before First Fridays for Startups starts at Dogpatch Labs.

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Silicon DrinkAbout

Finish up the Friday with Silicon DrinkAbout Dublin! A meet-up for startups (including techies, designers and business folk) to meet like-minded people, have some fun and relax.

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“Our partnership with Dogpatch Labs is helping to broaden the reach of Google’s existing startup community engagement. First Friday for Startups concentrates a day of activities to support startups.”

Paddy Flynn

The Mentors

Mentorship is a great way of giving back to the community. We’ve had some amazing mentors come through so far and are looking for more so why not get in touch!

"Fantastic, honest, helpful and practical information is shared, that you can incorporate into your own startup."

Suzanne Kennedy, Newslinn

"I found the workshop extremely beneficial. To speak with highly experienced professionals and industry experts specifically about my particular needs for my growing business was a priceless experience and one that I hope to participate in again."

Caroline Gleeson