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Spend your summer building great projects. Fully remote.

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8th July - 19th August

Patch is a 6 week long summer accelerator for 16 – 20 year olds.  We bring together curious young people who want to work on projects and learn from the best.  The programme is philanthropically funded and open to future entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, designers and technologists of all stripes.


Applications are closed for Patch 2020.

What's Involved?


Candidates apply with an idea to work on as an individual or a team. Successful participants spend their summer focused on building and learning by doing.


Projects can be a start-up, science project, or something else, as long as clear progress can be demonstrated over the 6 week programme.


The programme includes a syllabus of curated mentoring, workshops and talks. These are expert-led, practical sessions delivered online to the whole cohort.


Our mentors and speakers include some of the world’s best entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists.


Patch is a community of driven and curious young people who build, learn and create together.


We foster bonds between participants as well as with previous (and future!) cohorts.

Build. Learn.Accelerate.

Patch is a summer accelerator for those who want to push the world forward.


Participating teams spend the summer working on a chosen project, getting to know an energetic group of peers and learning from brilliant mentors and speakers.


Ultimately, Patch is designed to be the most effective environment to help young people realise their potential, generously funded by Stripe and some of Ireland’s best entrepreneurs.

Meet Our Teams

These are some of the teams taking part in the 2020 programme.


MIRR is a smart touchscreen mirror.  You can watch Netflix and Youtube on the same screen that you’re using as a mirror.

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An all-in-one smart menu management platform, Papershop enables restaurants to automate the creation and handling of their menus.

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AMSIMP is an open source atmospheric modelling project.  It provides a core dynamic model for climate and weather researchers to use in their work.

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Past Participants

Diana Bura

Diana Bura

Diana met her team at Patch and started Wunder Engine with them. In 6 weeks they built a tool to 3D print Minecraft creations. She's a biochemist in training and won the BT Young Scientist in 2015.

Adam Kelly

Adam Kelly

Adam built 3 separate prototypes with his team while at Patch, ranging from facial recognition systems to interactive textbooks. He won the BT Young Scientist and Scifest in 2019 for a quantum computing project.

Manal Mukhtar

Manal Mukhtar

Manal joined Patch with her startup MLN, a carpooling app for coworkers. Patch mentors helped MLN build their first product and organise a pilot with a 2,600 employee consultancy firm.


Cropsafe combines satellite imagery and machine learning to help farmers predict crop yields.  The team built their prototype in the pilot accelerator in summer 2019 while being mentored by Mario, an expert machine learning engineer at Intercom.  Now, Cropsafe are taking part in Propel NI with £15,000 in funding.


Meet Our Experts

Learn from a curated selection of world-class founders, entrepreneurs and investors.

Mark Cummins

Founder of Pointy & Plink

Nicola McClafferty

Partner at Draper Esprit, Founder

Des Traynor

Founder of Intercom

Shekinah Adewumi

Founder of Touchtech Payments

Stuart Coulson

Professor at Stanford, Founder of Gradient Technologies

Liz McCarthy

Founder of ScaleIreland

Iseult Ward

Founder of FoodCloud

Daniel Gross

Founder of Pioneer & Cue

Ray Nolan

Founder of Hostelword & XSellco

Bobby Healy

Founder of Manna, CEO CarTrawler

Áine Kerr

Founder of Kinzen

David Moloney

Founder of Movidius

Riva Tez

Senior Director at Intel, Founder

Brian Caulfield

Investor, Serial Entrepreneur

Andrew Mullaney

Founder of Premind & NewsWhip

Steve Collins

Founder of Havok, Kore & Swrve


We’re a small group dedicated to finding and accelerating great young builders.

Tom McCarthy

Tom McCarthy

Tom started Patch. He's a member of Pioneer, Emergent Ventures and Interact.

Sarah Barker

Sarah Barker

Sarah and the team at Dogpatch Labs support Patch in programme set-up, design and delivery.

Andrea Vaccari

Andrea Vaccari

Andrea is the Lead Mentor for the accelerator. Previously, he founded Glancee, which was acquired by Facebook.