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A programme for fostering intrapreneurship in Ulster Bank

What's it all about?

The Ulster Bank StartUp Incubator creates an environment to nurture entrepreneurs inside the bank, to generate and execute new ideas, delivering value for both customers and its staff.

The Programme

After four regional events across Ireland, with over 280 staff in attendance and 70 ideas generated, 5 internal StartUp teams were selected to take part in a 13 week incubator program here in Dogpatch Labs. The programme is delivered across three core phases – Staff Engagement, Internal Incubator & Pilot – which culminate in a final pitch to a Selection Committee.

The Objective

The 5 ‘Internal StartUp’ teams are given exclusive access to industry mentors and experts in the Dogpatch Labs network, helping to refine and shape their propositions.

Ulster Bank Incubator 2018

Bringing new ideas to life in the banking sector

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The Mentors

The participants were granted exclusive access to some of the best mentors in the fintech space.

Brett Meyers

Currency Fair

Brian Norton

Future Finance

Ann Hunt

Chasing Returns

Barry McCarthy


Alan Coleman


DC Calahane

Republic of Work

Elizabeth Fingleton

Dogpatch Labs

David Bowles

Delta Partners

Startup 'Incubator' Phases

Three immersion weeks on-site over three months

Core Phase 1

Ideation Discovery & Validation


  • Idea Discovery & Validation around each of the pitched ideas.
  • Creating a Business Model Canvas, and setting goals for incubator.

Core Phase 2

Business Plan & Product Development


  • Participants focus on further developing their business plan and pitch deck through a number of sessions on product development and marketing.

Core Phase 3

Investment Pitch Preparation


  • The objective of the week is to create a 15-slide business plan, accompanied by a 5-minute pitch, with slides & script.
  • Presentation to ‘selection committee’

“It helped to adapt my thinking from a business as usual perspective to form an entrepreneurial mindset”