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Welcome to this week’s blog, written by the newest member of the Dogpatch Labs team, me, Naoise. I’m the one who is usually unlocking the door for you and answering any stationery needs you may have. I joined the team just over 2 months ago but I’ve been a Dogpatcher since last July as I was the Events Manager with the Irish Youth Foundation.

The Dogpatch reception area is a busy place, constantly on the go with people coming and going. The morning will usually follow the same routine as residents arrive, clients show up for meetings and post and packages are delivered for the 30+ companies we host here in Dogpatch.


The days can vary. Some days I will be busy answering enquiries and troubleshooting any issues being faced by residents – the printer being the most difficult.
Side note: It really is beyond me how in this day and age of advancing technology, printers still and will always break your heart!

As I am the first person you see when you come into Dogpatch Labs, one of the biggest roles I manage is answering any walk-in enquiries that Dogpatch may receive. The type of enquiries can range from “What do you do here?” to “My new pug has been sick all morning, is your vet free?!” Of course the curiosity around coworking spaces is natural as it is a very new concept and the idea is extremely foreign to people.


Some days I have 50 people coming through the doors for an event. Other times I might have a few passers-by looking for desk space. Or my personal favourite, someone arrives and asks “‘Can I just sit in the corner and charge my phone for a few minutes?!”’. Each day is also spent looking at how we can improve the Reception area and improve the service we offer to our residents. One of these things at the moment is how we might improve mail delivery for each of the residents.

Dogpatch Labs, and by extension, The CHQ Building, is a constant hub of activity, which I love. Everyday there is something new; a new face, a new question I haven’t heard yet or a new MeetUp taking place.

Moving from being a Dogpatcher resident to a Dogpatch Labs Team member has been really exciting. As a resident I think I was living in this bubble of activity where I thought everything in Dogpatch, and being part of a co-working space, just magically falls into place. However, once I joined, I soon realised that it isn’t magic – but it is because of the hard work and dedication that the whole Dogpatch team puts into making Dogpatch Labs, Dogpatch Labs.


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Naoise Gaffney

Naoise Gaffney works on the Dogpatch reception area and is an integral part of our community by giving warm welcome to residents, guests and visitors

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