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Different Backgrounds Shaping the Future

True innovation comes from divergent thinking. We’re fostering an environment where people of all backgrounds can feel welcome and included in the world of tech.

Accelerating an Inclusive Future

Successful tech ecosystems are diverse ecosystems

At Dogpatch Labs, we know that a diverse team is a successful team.

We’re striving to create a space in which people from all backgrounds thrive.

Diversity and inclusion make us stronger.

Harvard Business Review on Why Diverse Teams Are Smarter

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Diversity in Tech Week 2018

March 2 - 92018

As part of our  work to foster a diverse tech community, we are hosting “Diversity in Tech Week” – a week long schedule of events addressing topical issues around diversity & inclusion in the tech sector.

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Some of the groups we’re supporting

At Dogpatch Labs we are striving to foster an inclusive environment, where people of all backgrounds feel welcome. Below is just a sample of some of the groups we are proud to have as an active part of our community.

Women in Tech

Youth in Tech


Ethnic Minorities

Experienced Professionals

People with Disability

Ecosystem Partners

We’re working with Ecosystem Partners who are the best in the world at elevating under-represented groups.


Some of the organisations we work with:

“What I like about Dogpatch is it draws this diverse community together where people can rub ideas together…and sometimes those ideas will catch fire”

Vint Cerf, "Father of the Internet"

A closer look at some of the groups we support

LGBTQ+ in Tech

Supporting and including diverse identities throughout the tech ecosystem.


LGBTQ+ inclusive workplaces foster a sense of openness and diversity, and have been linked to improved employee health, increased job satisfaction and to a culture of innovation. We all win when we can be open.


Dogpatch provides a platform for the LGBTQ+ community within tech to share best practices, discuss issues, and to come up with solutions. We know these values will feed back into our respective organisations and into society as a whole.

Women in Tech

Supporting female entrepreneurs and developers across the tech community.


We support current and aspiring female entrepreneurs and technologists through hosting high-quality curated events, fostering  valuable industry introductions, and providing a home to amazing female-led high-growth startups.


We’re passionate about breaking barriers to inclusion in technology, and to achieve this we support best-in-class developer meetups that take particular care to attract and retain female membership. These range from groups catering to women in tech, such as PyLadies, to micro-communities fostering diversity across their membership base.

Youth in Tech

Supporting the next generation of tech-preneurs with our coding classes and bootcamps.


We help inspire future leaders. Dogpatch is home to CoderDojo HQ, the global volunteer-led community of free programming clubs for young people across 60 countries. The fortnightly “Docklands Dojo” regularly attracts upwards of 40 kids to our tech hub. We also host Girls Hack Ireland, “20 under 20” and the launch of the Irish Government’s Youth Consultation Report 2018 which strives for full inclusion of LGBTI+ people in Ireland.

Some activities fostering diversity and inclusion


Facilitating meetups that foster inclusivity in the tech community


Fostering an inclusive culture for a diverse community

Ecosystem Partners

Working with experts to share and promote best-practice

Aligning with Corporate Partners on Diversity

Our corporate partners promote diversity and inclusion internally and throughout the tech ecosystem

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